An attractive design option for building signs,  

Fabricated #4 Stainless Steel signage platforms can be combined with many different sign substrates in multiple colors and textures to create a unique look for that "high end" customer looking to you to provide just the right concept for their way finding signage needs.


Typical depth is 3/8" with welded and dressed corners.  Tell us what size and shape you want to start with, then choose between larger or smaller hole diameters and the type of hole pattern you want in order to customize them just the way you want.  You can also choose different hole shapes…. round, square, or  triangle.


Pushing creativity a little further, a custom laser cut design can also be incorporated to show in just the right place.


Add ADA components, glass, acrylic, wood, engraving material, contrasting or differing metals.  You can also stack them, add stand-offs, or even make them into a mosaic.


Let your imagination run wild!