Laser Engraving Service

At Teems, Inc. we primarily use our Laser to quickly engrave replacement directory tenant strips, but there is so much more that we do with this versatile tool.  With our laser we have helped to restore elements of 1950's era arcade games and old fashioned scoreboards.  We produce industrial tags and labels, complete with button cut outs and rivet holes.  We've created custom shaped trophy components and plaques.  We engrave and cut thin wood pieces, including a fully customized checker board.  We have engraved jeans and other denim apparel and have cut out fabric shapes for quilters.  Teems, Inc. engraves promotional items, iPods, Stainless Steel labels, anodized aluminum machined parts and have even engraved coconuts!

We Laser marked a plain piece of steel for our friend Stan at Advanced Alloys here in Longmont, CO and this is what he produced.  He is a true artist in metals!

Using our laser, we have helped restore elements of an antique arcade game. Also, along with making a new controller overlay, we custom cut red and green light lenses for this old fashion scoreboard, as well.